Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Why Diets Do Not Work


The weight loss / weight gain cycle
     • Most people lose weight on a diet but once the diet is stopped weight is put back on often             leaving them heavier than before the diet. 
     • Many diets in fact do not work at all.  Most dieters are happy when they see that they have lost weight but some of that weight loss is muscle tissue.  Muscle tissue is not the type of weight you want to lose because muscle tissue helps burn fat.

Most diets include some form of deprivation and / or denial; some involve counting calories, or points but all merely serve to program the mind to think about food.
      • Thus when and individual gives up a diet, she/he will find him or  herself thinking about food more than he/she ever did before.

In the denial of eating different meals to the rest of the family, three things happen.
  1.  The mind fights against it.
  2.  The body fights against it.
  3.  The day to day environment fights against it.

Conscious self-denial can often increase the desire for that very thing.
       • Cutting down is achievable whilst cutting out is not.

Portion size is a key driver to weight gain/loss – conquer this one first. 
Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis (VGB) helps with portion sizes.  VGB enables people to eat consciously and are able to be receptive to the stomach’s full signals.  

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weight Loss Insights in a Nutshell

  • Portion size is a key driver to weight gain/loss – conquer this one first
  • Muscle burns fat
    - therefore weight sessions are good
  • Cardio workouts are also very good Muscle weighs 3X as much as fat
    - therefore scales are irrelevant
  • Carbs become sugars, sugars become fat if not burned off
    - therefore small carb (low GI) portions are good
  • Natural fats are OK in small amounts
  • Be careful of labels saying “skinny” or “lite” or “fat free” because they often contain extra sugars which leads to weight gain.
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